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Welcome to thrive835

Fairview's Road to Growth and Prosperity

As the world economy changes before our very eyes, rural communities need to keep pace in order to prosper and thrive. The Town of Fairview and the Municipal District of Fairview #136 are committed to the growth and prosperity of the Fairview region and have commissioned the thrive835 project.  The goal of thrive835 is to develop a Regional Economic Growth Plan that will bolster economic development in the Fairview region.

Vital to the development of a real and actionable Regional Economic Growth Plan is INPUT from Fairview region residents and business owners. 

Watch for Consumer Surveys, Business Consultations and Public Info!


thrive835 is composed of 3 Phases:

Gathering and Analysis

Information gathered through Consumer Surveys will help the Stakeholder Group to better understand the local, out-of-town, and online shopping habits of Fairview consumers. 

Information gathered through Business Consulations will help the Stakeholder Group to better understand the current challenges facing small business owners.

Further data analysis will identify gaps in the products and services in the Fairview area, and uncover economic development opportunities for the Fairview region.

Development and Delivery of the Go-Forward Plan
July 1, 2020 to
 August 31, 2020

With a greater understanding of consumer and business needs in the Fairview region, the Stakeholder Group will have the tools to develop a set of Goals, Action Items, and Timelines to craft a regional economic development Go-Forward Plan.

The final draft of the Regional Economic Growth Plan will be presented to the public, the Town of Fairview, and the Municipal District of Fairview #136 by November 30, 2020.

Key to the implementation of the Regional Economic Growth Plan is the strong commitment made by the municipalities to act on the recommendations made by the Stakeholder Group.

 Go-Forward Plan Report Card
January 1, 2021 to
December 31, 2021

To measure the effectiveness of the Regional Economic Growth Plan, a progress "Report Card"  will be delivered to the Stakeholder Group and the Public in mid-2021 and again in December 2021. 

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